About us

        What the wall is a line of exclusive wallpapers designed with unique interiors in mind. We aren’t interested in standard ways - we bravely search for perfection and beauty. We invest in the highest quality, details and perfect finishing. Focus on the use of non-standard hues and textures inspired by art, architecture and even fashion. Unconventional and modern projects aim at highlighting the character of the interior, adding originality and a novel way of extracting its beauty. Our actions result in a unique and exclusive product that is awe-inspiring. 

        What the wall is a novel brand formed by a group of creative people: designers, architects and artists who search for perfection and beauty. Their designs go beyond templates while the subtle aesthetics and the timelessness of works contribute to their uniqueness. 

       At What the Wall, we believe in the significance of design and perceive it as the art of designing. This philosophy serves as the basis for the creation of our unique wallpapers. Eclectic, original and sometimes raw, but always made of materials of the highest quality - the wallpapers highlight the beauty of space that they are a part of. The brand's mission is to celebrate luxury and to endlessly search for new inspirations.





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44-100 Gliwice, Poland

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T.: +48 697 400 000


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